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Lionel 224E Gunmetal Locomotive with 2687T Tender

Lionel 224E Gunmetal Locomotive
2689 Gunmetal Tender
Rare Original Gunmetal 224E

  • Motor runs then stops I think it needs new wire
  • The eccentrics are "hanging"
  • Missing jewels
    Locomotive needs to be serviced
    Produced 1938 - 1941
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    Item Number 089

  • Lionel 2344 Lionel F3 Diesel Locomotives
    All three locomotives included / A-B-A
    Produced 1950 to 1952
    I believe this set is the 1952 version
    This dual motor Locomotive is a real workhorse


  • Functional front coupler with a non-operating rear coupler (not tested)
  • Working Illuminated headlight and number boards
  • Two metal ladder steps on the rear of the frame plus metal steps on each truck
  • Dual two-piece ornamental horns
  • Wire cloth roof ventilators
  • General Motors decal near the rear door plus a New York Central decal on the front
  • Simulated grab irons on the front of the cab
  • Designed for O Gauge track
  • The powered A unit contains dual motors, Magnetraction, functional horn and a three-position E-unit
  • Non-powered A unit has illuminated headlight and number boards
    The horn requires a D cell battery, not included
    Battery box is clean

    See and Hear the powered A unit operating

    Photos are in the order - powered A unit - B unit - non-powered A unit
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    Item Number 015


    Flatcar No. 6651
    The United States Marine Corps is bringing in the big guns
    Produced in 1964 and 1965 and is uncatalogued
    Cannon works fine
    I assume the unopened package of cannon shells is a reproduction
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    A great opportunity to get a Shell Launching Car in excellent working condition

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    Item number 075

    Lionel Sunoco Tank Car 6035

    Lionel No. 6035 Sunoco Tank Car
    Unpainted gray body
    Produced in 1952 & 1953
    Rubber Stamped
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    Item Number 0310

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