Airguide GPS Upgrade Installation tips and examples

The contents of this page are rough because the process of creating the mounting kit is in progress.
The examples on this page were created by hand. The mounting kits will be professionally produced, in the USA, when finalized.

The examples below apply to Airguide model 2025 speedometers.
Other models will be similar with appropriate size spacers.

Classic Boatworks, Bringing New Age to your Old Gauge

20th Century Style - 21st Century Technology

Original on the outside
Remember these examples are for design not looks
With the needle in the position shown the speedometer will register a maximum speed of about 47 - 48 mph
If the needle is started at 5 mph the full 50 mph range is registered
All new on the inside
Brown wire to 12 volts
Black wire to ground
Blue wire is for internal lighting
The GPS receiver plug fits into the pitot pick-up hole

The diaphragm doesn't leak anymore!

Revised downloadable PDF file
The installation kit is used so the original internal mechanism is not destroyed
Convert Your Airguide Speedometer to GPS Using your original internal mechanism frame
to mount the gps board

  • Remove the internal mechanism from the frame
  • Orient the board, as shown, on the bottom of the frame rail and attach with machine screws in pre-drilled holes
  • If your gauge has a front adjustment knob note the board covers the hole the knob screws into
  • The board may have to be drilled to accommodate the adjustment knob

  • (see more below)

    CAUTION: If electronics are damaged while drilling the warranty is VOID

    Done carefully this should not be a problem.

    Your frame may look slightly different but they have the same measurements
    Thread the two holes indicated with a #4-40 tap

    Try to screw the adjustment knob into the frame now

    There may be just enough thread to take without drilling the gps board
    If the knob threads will grab that is all you need, the knob going through the grommet in the lens will hold the knob in place

    Align the board as shown above and secure with #4-40 machine screws

    With the adjustment knob in place attach the dial to the frame

    The mounting kit consists of two drilled mounting plates to accommodate mounting the new unit to the speedometer case, the gps unit to a standoff of the correct length, a second plate for mounting the speedometer dial. The necessary screws and washers are included.

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