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About advertising on our website:

Classic Boatworks provides this advertising service to individuals only (no business interests please).  Our intent is to give you maximum exposure for little or NO COST.
Advertising without a photograph is FREE.  We charge a small fee of $5.50 to include a photograph of your classic, antique, or vintage boat or parts.   Please no boats newer than 1996.
Classic Boatworks encourages you to include a photograph.   The web is a highly visual medium and greatly increases your chances of inquiries.

How do I put an advertisement for my Classic, Antique, or Vintage boat or parts on your website?

For a FREE advertisement of your Classic, Antique, or Vintage boat or parts simply email us the information (an email link is provided at the bottom of this page).  To add a photograph to your advertisement use the PayPal button below or send us an email with a photograph attached.   We will send you an invoice when we receive your email request.


  • Name of item being sold
  • Brief description of your item
  • Your asking Price
  • If offers will be accepted (Classic Boatworks discourages this practice. Ask for what you will take)
  • Contact Information. Remember, this contact information is going to be on the web so only include     information you want the world to see.
  • Sit back and wait to make a sale!
  • I am not real comfortable selling to people I don't know.  What can I do?

    We will sell your small items (things that you are willing to ship) for you on a commission basis.
  • Classic Boatworks will include a buy button with your ad.
  • When the item sells we will contact you with shipping information.
  • You ship the item with delivery confirmation and tracking number.
  • Send us the information so we know when the item was delivered.
  • We will send you your money when the item has been delivered.
  • Classic Boatworks will not be responsible for any disagreement between buyer and seller.

    Commission sales:

  • We will deduct the fees associated with the sale (fees are usually around 4% but vary with selling price)
  • We will keep 20% of the remaining funds
  • If you have any questions please contact us.
    Thank you for visiting Classic Boatworks.

    Yes, I want to put an advertisement on your website with a photograph.

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